Designing for the modern traveller

INHOUSE Discovery Lounges

The way people travel today is vastly different from how they did five, or even three years ago. Inhouse is excited to be asked to design the new Discovery/SAA lounges that will be opening at all main airports in the country.

During our research we noticed there was a disconnect in understanding what traveler’s want and what they need. The balance between convenience and practically is the key consideration when designing these spaces.

“The journey begins when you leave home” is one of the driving influences for us when considering design ideas for each lounge. Each traveler leaves behind some of their personal comforts. The new lounges try to create a sense of welcome, warmth and convenience to make this experience better than ever.


The sense of convenience begins as you approach the new lounges. Contactless communication and seamless access software will be central to the traveler’s experience.


Multiple zones that speak to different mindsets and moods have been considered – families travelling together require a certain level of attention compared to a solo business traveller for example. Each lounge requires a different mix of private, semi-private and social integration spaces.


A sense of comfort and luxury is paramount – achieved by focusing on tactile fabrics and natural finishes that may remind one of home. Lighting levels play an important part in setting the right mood in the lounges. We have looked at having a more personal integration to lighting within the lounges, by adjusting the brightness to suit the functional aspect of each area.


The dining experience is a key element to every lounge experience. Drawing on Inhouse’s experience in the restaurant industry, we have focused on giving each traveler a unique, tailor-made experience. Comfortable seating, easy accessibility and a variety of different dining environments are all important factors to consider.


Luxurious bathroom and shower facilities, easy-access baggage check ins, quality tech considerations and a multitude of workstation scenarios form part of creating a lounge that allows people to be themselves and feel relaxed and at ease.

Our vision is to make the Discovery/SAA lounges one of the most rewarding stops on any itinerary and it all starts with putting the traveller’s needs first.

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