Project: Ogilvy

Date: 2006-2007

Location: Woodstock

Type: Commercial

Ogilvy wanted an environment that would reflect the nature of their business, and gave Inhouse an empty shell to fill. Ease of communication and transparency were taken into consideration.




When building the staircase, 10 tons of plated steel were welded into a floating illusion. Custom-designed frameless glass walls and doors also contribute to the sense of openness as everyone is able to walk and talk to each other with ease. A number of floating lounges were designed for informal meeting and relaxation areas. The elevator shaft in the heart of the office was painted red, metaphorically suggesting the office’s lifeblood pumping through the building, and in line with Ogilvy’s brand colours.

Inhouse received an award for best office design for this project, which set a precedent for the commercial revitalisation of Woodstock.


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Designed By Inhouse

address: The Point, 3rd Floor, Suite 301, 76 Regent Road, Sea Point

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