Prepping your workspace for dealing with the pandemic

Enough has been said about the devastation caused by Covid-19, so we won’t waste your time by rehashing “We’re all in it together” or similar platitudes. Our preference is to spring into action and do something constructive.

We started by researching practical measures that need to be implemented from a health and safety perspective, international best practice and sourcing the best suppliers. We then applied these learnings to our own workspace to test the practicalities.

This knowledge and practical steps were then captured in a simple video and handy pdf so that all can benefit. Now we’re putting it into practice for clients – the South African College of Applied Psychology being one of them.

The brief was to reconfigure 4 full-time campuses (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban) in compliance with the new regulations, whilst ensuring commercial viability in terms of student capacity, and optimal health and safety for students.

We interrogated shared public spaces like walkways and refreshment areas, considered optimal space planning in terms of seating arrangements in the classrooms, and a host of other aspects. The biggest challenge was to find workarounds for spaces defined by fixed elements, such as walls and escape routes, but as always, with enough determination, one can find a solution.

We wish SACAP, and its students, a safe and healthy return to campus. And much joy from learning and stretching the mind.

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