Taking locker rooms into the 21st Century

Let’s be honest. Locker rooms aren’t exactly inspiring, are they? The term alone conjures up the smell of stale sweat, storage cubicles with unwieldy locking mechanisms, and grubby showers.

So when INHOUSE was tasked with designing a practical yet creative, eco-friendly locker room experience for a leading global fitness-gear brand, we leapt at the challenge. Our Creative Director, Aidan Hart, has been hard at work researching and designing ways to transform the ‘conventional’ into ‘unexpected’ for the new Sports and Fitness complex we are designing in Amsterdam. From how the athletes enter the facility, to having the perfect shower, to accessing their personal items – we are reinventing the entire experience to ensure maximum comfort and efficient flow.

For example, here are some of the many aspects we’re building into the plan:

  • A digitally-controlled shower system that conserves water by delivering the perfect temperature, instantly
  • Enhanced changing spaces for personal comfort choice
  • 24-hour ventilated bag storage for used gym gear, removing the need to clutter up the workspace
  • Digital training systems to improve the “access all” standards set by the Client
  • A move to Zero Waste in both building materials and operations

We’re pushing the boundaries to deliver functional, pleasing environments that are also Covid-conscious. If you have a similar challenge, we’d love to chat.

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