Your very own sanctuary. Merging indoor & outdoor living

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Inhouse designer, Scarlett Begot takes a closer look at incorporating indoor-outdoor living.

With the increase in urbanisation, there is a growing desire to incorporate indoor-outdoor living and all its benefits into our daily lives. These design tips will help add a picturesque feel to unexpected spaces in your home:

Have a clear view

By incorporating expansive sliding or stacking glass doors and thinner mullions into your living and bedroom spaces, your indoor experience is expanded and becomes more entertainment-orientated with unobstructed views and show-stopping backdrops – all without compromising your indoor comfort.

If privacy is a concern, reduce your pane size and have slivers of glass positioned vertically or horizontally in specific areas. This will allow for the inclusion of the outdoors in a sophisticated and conservative manner and celebrates the architecture of your home.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Say yes to natural textures

Apart from using glass to create your very own little oasis, natural finishes also add a sense of nature and relaxation to a chosen space. Handmade tiles, raw stone and natural timbers all play a small yet significant role in bringing the outdoors in.

Bring in plants

Lastly – and most importantly – the addition of greenery to a space both increases your connection to the outdoors and promotes wellbeing. The inclusion of plants in your home ensures cleaner air and is proven to boost your mood.

By combining these simple changes, you will maximise your living experience with a more balanced home that is in tune with nature. And there is no better place to showcase these details than here in South Africa.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

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